Welcome to RiiTag!

RiiTag is a customizable gamertag. By sharing your gamertag, you can show what you've been playing to your friends! The tag updates on-the-fly. You need a Discord account in order to start using RiiTag. Covers are provided by GameTDB and this service is developed by RiiConnect24.

Join 9072 other gamers that have played games 1117855 times!

Platforms Supported

  • 3DS-RPC Discord RPC
  • Citra Discord RPC
  • NSO-RPC Discord RPC
  • Ryujinx Discord RPC
  • SwitchPresence-Rewritten Discord RPC
  • Yuzu Discord RPC
  • Dolphin Discord RPC
  • USB Loaders
    • Configurable USB Loader
    • USB Loader GX
    • WiiFlow
Wii U
  • Aroma Plugin
  • Cemu Discord RPC
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