Without these people, RiiTag would not exist:

  • Artuto: Added RiiTag support to the RiiConnect24 Bot
  • bendevnull: One of the main developers and designers of RiiTag
  • blackb0x: Added official RiiTag support to his modification of USB Loader GX
  • Brawl345: Completely rewrote RiiTag into version 2.0 (RiiTag-Next)
  • daileon: Created Wiinnertag (no longer available), which heavily inspired RiiTag
  • dhtdht020: Created some of the RiiTag overlays
  • DismissedGuy: Created RiiTag-RPC for Discord
  • DLEDeviant: Created the font Nintendo U Version 3, one of the selectable fonts.
  • fledge68: Added RiiTag support to WiiFlow Lite
  • Genwald: Mii support
  • HEYimHeroic: Mii support
  • jaames: Figured out how to decrypt Mii QR codes
  • Larsenv: One of the main developers of the project and brought it to life
  • Lustar: Creator and owner of GameTDB; the database of games that RiiTag uses, also came up with the name RiiTag
  • Matthe815: Additional for the project
  • PF2M: Mii support
  • ShadowPuppet: Created DUTag (no longer available), which heavily inspired RiiTag
  • TheShadowEevee: Additional developer of the project, and helped add Cemu and Citra support
  • twosecslater: Created U-Tag, the RiiTag plugin for Wii U
  • You: For using RiiTag!

Thank You!

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